We are building a travel community
with dynamic informations paths.

For active people.

A network, that in common generates a travel guide,
which everybody can use for his (travel) activities.

Also for day trips or the next evening program.
It is based on the sharing of practical on-site information.

Scoutfish is a 100% project by and for travellers.
We think: Travel pages with the “cheapest offer”, which are at last designed to convey hotel bookings,
flights or ready travel packages, there are already too many.

Scoutfish offers tangible features:

  • To plan your (travel) activities,
  • to share your personal experiences as travel info,
  • to document your adventures.

Anyone can contribute content easily.
Together we write a fat book.

  • Clearly designed input masks facilitate the editing,
  • new entries immediately are displayed in all available languages,
  • many content will automatically get linked.

A little pioneering spirit will be necessary
to animate the project.

We rely on you and your friends.
And on reasonable, balanced partnerships:

Scoutfish experts

Passionate users with special (local) knowledge.

Local tourism companies

Important contacts on-site.

Tour operators

Many tour operators once started as a traveller, too.

Yeah, we stretch our bellies in the sun
and let champagne corks popping …

Nice thought! Of course, Scoutfish also has a concept for long-term financing.
But: Even our business model fits to the community concept. Valid for all, we build the platform according to the principle “small contribution – great value”. This works, because we bring together common interests.

  • As a Scoutfisher you share your onsite experience – and will benefit from the travel community,
  • as a Scoutfish partner you contribute your specialized knowledge – and thereby point out your own skills (and offers) inside of the travel community,
  • as an offerer you decide for yourself whether you want to support the project with a modest amount of money – and obtain an attractively formed professional entry.

So only the one, which also has a commercial advantage from the platform, pays a small amount of voluntary.
Therefor he gets an additional editorial value. Besides Scoutfish remains free of annoying advertising!

Sign in today and “catch the world”:
Start with your favorite cafe
or recommend other great places …

There are endless possibilities.
Add travel diaries (just for you, just for your friends or for the whole community)
and invite your friends to follow you on Scoutfish.