We rely on tourism companies,
because locals know the best.

Set a guide to your offers.

On the Internet you can find everything.
But only if others do not have a better SEO ranking!

While search engines are trying to get relevance to their search results through always new algorithms, the content in Scoutfish is structured from the outset. A good presence in Scoutfish helps you to convey the core of your regional brand directly to the interested audience. Scoutfish does not make your websites competition, but is rather a multiplier. You expand your reach and also increase the length of stay.

A customer is looking for a suitable destination.

Of course, he will find something in the Web – sooner or later.  On the way there, however, he will have to deal with many different websites. He will end up in many dead ends and ultimately garner his information from many different sources. This takes time and can be pretty annoying at times.

Imagine how convenient it would be if he could find all the basic information in one single system (which becomes familiar quickly)! How practical it would be if he could directly store the found information in the same system and, in the end, present his trip to his friends. This is what we aim at with Scoutfish – a comprehensive platform for all (travel) activities of its users.

Benefits for tourism companies

  • Your input in Scoutfish = sustainable content marketing in the right environment. Your audience wants to be inspired. It’s about the successful search for travel tips and content that is relevant in this context. You can place all this information in Scoutfish in a sensitive and complex way. That’s much more effective than banner ads, 40% of which are disabled by ad blocker software. With Scoutfish, you extend your range of activity while operating from the middle of your target audience!
  • You provide signposts to all your tourist offers: Scoutfish works like a compass that aligns itself with the interests of the travellers → the right region → the right city → the right place → the right activity → the right providers.
  • Scoutfish aims at an international audience. We have already been bilingual (German and English) in the alpha phase, during the beta phase Spanish, French and Portuguese will be added – and of course other languages, if we’re successful.
  • You increase the regional length of stay: almost everyone knows the big metropolises with their sights; there is abundant information on these cities. Scoutfish, however, is built in such a way that even lesser-known attractions are promoted equally. We thereby create space for discoveries, thus increasing the chance of a longer stay.
  • Increase the awareness of your destination: the more precisely a place is described – the more information, potential activities, attractions and host entries are entered – the greater the reach of the place. It will be known far beyond the Scoutfish travel community.
  • A powerful search engine architecture automatically assigns matching keywords and short descriptions to each new entry. Just like Google, we focus on the content and its accessibility. This benefits everyone who is active in Scoutfish.
  • Links to your websites: In Scoutfish, there is all the important basic information, the websites of the tourism companies inform the users in detail. By Scoutfish registered tourism companies get permission to link further websites of recommended places and activities.
  • We are working on a total of 10 marketing ways that will gradually be applied to bring Scoutfish to life and popularity. Again, the first regions to benefit from our actions will be those that are already fully described in Scoutfish.
  • With the help of an industry newsletter, Scoutfish informs all registered tourism professionals about the latest trends and interesting facts and figures on the use of Scoutfish. This may serve as a basis to supply information that is even better aligned to travellers’ interests.

Importance of tourism companies for Scoutfish

  • Tourism companies are local contact partners and, as such, important multipliers. They are expected to make Scoutfish known to local hosts and providers.
  • Tourism companies usually know the local conditions quite well and can call our attention to possible discrepancies in the content – or even correct mistakes themselves. Thus they contribute to improving the quality of the posted contents.

Did we arouse your interest in Scoutfish?

We are currently preparing promotional and information material for distribution. If you have questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. You can already log in, look around and even make entries. Please recommend our project!