We count on travel and tour organizers
who act responsibly

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It’s better to have some tours planned by professionals.

Especially when the journey leads to ecologically or culturally sensitive regions.
That’s why we also offer a partnership for tour operators.
And, through our rating system, we promote the responsible-minded providers.

Specially appreciated by Scoutfish:
Travel and tour operators with sustainable offers.

Benefits for tour operators

  • Links to your own entry as a tour operator in the Scoutfish travel guide directly from within travel destinations, recommended places and activities. If required, you can easily create or edit these destinations and recommendations yourself (= expansion of reach)
  • Dynamic link display for the regional target audience
  • Link to your own website
  • List of all destinations and activities offered by a tour operator within a standard entry
  • Extensive features in the professional entry: you can create individual travel and tour offerings and link them to your own website among other things; furthermore, you can send special offers to interested Scoutfish members
  • Promotion of responsible-minded travel and tour operators through a user rating system that places special emphasis on ecological and social compatibility

The effort involved in entering content is manageable, because tour operators may use their own, already existing content (they decide themselves on how detailed their information on destinations, places and activities should be).


Benefits for the travel community

  • Attractive travel tips with expert descriptions
  • Ideas for tours and activities
  • Dynamic choice of regional travel and tour operators
  • Meaningful tour operator profiles with verifiable community reviews
  • Optional interest-based offers from tour operators

Did we arouse your interest in Scoutfish?

We’re currently working on standard entries for tour operators and linking these to recommended places and activities. You can already log in to Scoutfish and create destinations and recommendations.