We build up Scoutfish,
since everybody has its own view for good places.

Be open to the new.

Scoutfish is more than just a travel guide.

Scoutfish is a fully-structured, highly dynamic travel wiki, combined with a social network. By this dual system we create a real all-round platform for all conceivable (travel) activities. To tell friends about our adventures. In order to document activities for ourselves. To share up-to-the-minute information, and to make travelling easier and more versatile.


Open Content

Scoutfish works on the Wiki principle and is subject to a Creative Commons license, everyone is allowed to contribute, edit and use content. All the input masks are pre-structured and very easy to handle.

Your compass

Scoutfish makes its swarm knowledge available on demand. Collect relevant entries as “Favourites” in your personal basecamp, and use the information for your own tours and activities.


Absolut transparent and sophisticated content reviews will help you to find the right places. The ratings are editorially prepared and will be filled out (and read) quickly.

Social Media

Design your personal news feed according to your interests and subscribe to exciting travel diaries. At the same time your own Scoutfish contributions serve as “identity card” for others.

Scoutfish is for those
who like to get out of their homes.

Why participate?

We ourselves are travellers and we love to discover.

Our vision: In Scoutfish you can find all the relevant information to any place of the world without loosing time while searching. Everything that may be important, useful or inspiring for your activities. The basis for this is the sharing of on-site knowledge. At this point, we need YOU, because every contribution counts: Practical information you pack into the travel guide, personal impressions you share with your real friends or the community.

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Whether you want to fly far away or plan an excursion in front of your own home: Make use of the experiences of others and share your own know-how.
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